eDocs Ltd. is a private, wholly Irish owned business operating in Dublin. We currently provide electronic and document imaging service solutions to customers in the UK and Ireland.

eDocs delivers outstanding service and reliability in both electronic and document imaging applications. Employing the finest in people, technology and processes, eDocs offers a variety of custom designed solutions and services associated with the conversion, retrieval and secure storage of all electronic, film and paper based documents.

Our production and data centers operate 24 hours-per-day, 7 days-per-week. You can depend on the fact that there is always professionally trained technical support and product development staff available to answer your questions and deal with your concerns.

eDocs provides everything you need with no capital investment needed; fully integrated electronic and document imaging services uniquely designed to save money and eliminate risk.

With eDocs services and solutions you get peace of mind, flexibility and security.

Every company that creates invoices, statements, general ledgers, bills of lading, or any other financial or core business document has a need for information management. Outsourcing non-core functions like electronic and document imaging services will result in immediate cost savings. We deliver the people, the processes and the technology for high quality services at lower costs than any individual customer can provide.

eDocs Solutions