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DocSearch retrieval Systems

Documents and information drive your organization, and your long-term success is dependent upon your ability to control, manage, and distribute them. Without the right solution it’s very difficult to make informed decisions, profitably process transactions, maintain regulatory compliance, and successfully manage growth. The question is…how can you manage all those diverse needs?

Doc-Search from eDocs is the Answer!

Doc-Search is an affordable web-based Document Management Solution that addresses these issues for organizations of all sizes. The challenge today is finding seamless solutions that control and manage information created from disparate sources and stored in many different forms. These forms often include paper files, archival box storage, document images, digital application files, computer print files, emails and many others. Doc-Search is designed to accept and combine this disparate content, organize it, distribute it via workflow, store it, and provide secure access to it when and where users need it.

Standard one-click Quick Searches include searches by:

Your file or box reference number

Our unique barcode

All files out of store – enabling you to audit all files held in your office

File description such as your client or project name

Contents keyword

Contents date or number range

Records archived in a particular date range

Clients can even create their own searches and then work dynamically with the results.

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