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Industry Solutions

eDocs has demonstrated a track record of successful implementations in accounts receivable, accounts payable, Medical records conversion, EDI services, Financial Statements, waybills/bills of lading, Contract Management Systems and more.

From mission-critical workflow process integrations to one-time record conversions, you can be rest assured your document management needs will be met. Your document management objectives are reviewed and business systems and procedures are carefully analysed to ensure eDocs can deliver the desired benefits before a proposal is developed. eDocs then develops a live demonstration to show you how our solution will integrate with your business.

What makes eDocs work?

eDocs provides everything you need with no capital investment needed; fully integrated electronic and document imaging services uniquely designed to save money and eliminate risk.

We invest the time and take an active interest to fully understand the issues our customers are dealing with.

We provide a strong technical support team to ensure the job gets done correctly, on-time, and on-budget.

We become a business partner and always strive to bring value to our clients.

With eDocs services and solutions you get peace of mind, flexibility and security.

eDocs systems can greatly improve workflow in your accounts payable department.

Like most business units, accounts payable departments, faced with ever-increasing work loads and staff shortages, look for creative cost cutting solutions. In addition, in the wake of newer tougher legislation for record keeping there is more and more thought being given to disaster recovery. That's why many have come to the conclusion that document imaging, to facilitate faster, easier, safer and less expensive, processing, filing and retrieval of invoices, is an excellent alternative to their manual, paper based systems.

Accounts Payable Process

eDocs offer accounts payable customers a totally outsourced document management solution. This allows them to improve efficiency and reduce costs, quickly, without a huge upfront financial commitment.

Automate Your Accounts Payable Process

Our accounts payable invoice processing and scanning services scans your incoming daily invoices and captures all relevant information from each vendor invoice, including invoice date, invoice number, purchase order number, invoice total etc. This information is automatically uploaded to your accounts payable, accounting system, The image files are then routed through workflow for the required approval processes. Once paid, the approved and paid invoices, with all of their backup documents, are available with easy retrieval access through a secure internet site.

Share and distribute patient files throughout your Office, Practice, Hospital or County.

Rapid, reliable and accurate access to patient records is a must in today’s world. Healthcare facilities can't afford to have their busy staff’s time wasted, searching for and retrieving records. Your primary focus is treating patients not document management.

eDocs provides document imaging and document management services specifically for the health care market. Our clients include health care providers such as hospitals, doctor’s offices, family clinics as well as government, private business and suppliers to the health care industry.

MediSearch Process

The Benefits

Eliminates time, effort and expense associated with the retrieval and delivery of paper charts

Reduce space and cost currently used for the filing of health records

Secure, legal electronic archive for patient information

Share and distribute patient charts through out your Office, Practice, Hospital or County

Ensure 100 % file integrity and 100 % disaster recovery protection

Companies today are being faced with increased scrutiny relating to the privacy of employee records.

Human Resource Solutions

eDocs document imaging services represents an outstanding opportunity to not only satisfy privacy requirements but has the added benefits of fast, secure and accurate on-line access.

Our Human resources solution involves the scanning of paper files and the indexing of those files by relevant demographic information such as Employee Number and Employee Name. Files are sub indexed by document types to allow your users to access only the documents they need. Applications forms, Payroll information, Benefits Claims, Short Term and Long Term Disability and Workers Compensation documents are examples of document types that can be identified individually to allow for fast accurate document access. Each document type is secured so that you decide who can view what documents in any employees files. In some instances "confidential documents" are so categorized and only granted access by the appropriate management levels. If an employee requests a review of their file, a temporary user can be created so that the employee can view their documents.

All user access is traced and available in an auditable report. You’ll know who had access to any specific document within any specific employees file.

Not only will you have fast, secure access through our Document Imaging Soltion but you will also have the ability to recover space currently used for filing cabinets used to store the paper files.

eDocs covers the entire spectrum of document management services:

Financial Services Solutions

As the financial services industry becomes increasingly complex, it is reemphasizing basic values. With the rapid development of regulations to control public sector confidence, the need for robust protection of key documents, enforcement of access, and reference archiving that leads to a certainty that documents may be reproduced for heightened regulatory scrutiny is imperative.

Our document imaging plan provides a persuasive and effective solution to present to corporate governance boards, external auditors and regulatory bodies that your key documents cannot be shredded or altered. Our leadership in digital technologies and electronic document solutions position us to provide these essential business continuity services to you.

Wherever an organization is printing multiple copies of confirmations, billing statements, invoices, parts records, accounts payable, general ledger and other reports, our service eliminates upfront multiple print requirement and hard copy storage.

Electronic Imaging processes and converts print data files directly from your host system and allows you to view them on-line as PDF images.

Server based print file data is displayed as images on the fly exactly as originally created via your web browser.

No heavy database footprint is required on your hardware.

Data print files may be indexed on branch, representative code, account number, short name, form code, date, or other data providing instant image retrieval by any viewer you authorize.

Images may be viewed historically for each month, selected periods, the entire year or multiple years.

Each branch, representative, management, accounting or support staff may view images on your intranet or the internet as required.

Confidentiality and secure access is guaranteed through a branch, department, representative, and employee level password module.