Why Outsource Document Shredding?

Confidential Document Destruction

eDocs confidential shredding service can accommodate the destruction of all media types from paper documents to computer disks, microfiche, microfilm, CDs, DVDs, backup tapes, video tapes, ID badges & X-rays.

On completion, you are supplied with an approved Certificate of Destruction to provide complete assurance that the process has been safely and securely completed. Material is transferred to a security shredding plant where it is again recorded prior to destruction under strictly controlled conditions.

Our Environmental Policies

Over 50% of office waste is PAPER, which usually ends us as landfill. But you can help save our environment by recycling your office paper with Alldocs. Our shredding has the least harmful impact on the environment and actually contributes towards sound environmental policies. All shredded material is recycled by paper mills and used in the manufacture of a wide variety of products from tissues and paper towels to high quality printing papers.

Did you know changes in the law have made your company responsible for:

Corporate Privacy.

Individual Privacy.

Information Protection.

Information and document disposal.

Insuring adequate security.

Protecting your staff from Identity theft.

No. 25/1988: Data Protection Act, 1988