Industry-Leading Service Level Agreements.

Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are an important aspect in business engagements. A Service Level Agreement sets the parameters for deliverables, priorities, responsibilities and guarantees/warranties.

SLAs are especially useful in the IT service industry, in which the clients are worried about softwares providing mission-critical services to their business. A single malfunction in IT operations can severely damage the working structure of the business. It is hence vital that the IT service provider has a defined set of rules and strict regulation to ensure that the promised IT services will be delivered. A Service Level Agreement can provide the network administrator with complete details on application availability and is a great tool to application monitoring and performance testing. This also smoothens the business service management process.

Our approach to service:

All of our customers are offered a comprehensive Service Level Agreement. Our SLAs are always scripted keeping in mind the client’s requirement, and essentially differ for each project.
Every SLA has to cover some important aspects like:

• Definition of the services being promised
• How the services will be delivered
• Measurement criteria of services delivered
• Quality standards of the services promised