Why Outsource Document Storage?

DocSearch retrieval Systems

Shortage of space is frequently the catalyst for companys to look at outsourcing their archiving and document storage and management activities. But space is only part of the problem and space-saving only part of the benefit.

Outsourcing to eDocs improves control over records

When records management is outsourced to eDocs, our web-based tracking system Doc-Search can give better visibility and control over records than when the records are stored and managed in your own office. The Doc-Search system empowers you to:

Hassle-free transition!

We work with you to understand the history of your archiving practices, and tailor a barcode-based solution to transition you to our service in as complete and hassle-free manner as possible.

No matter what the condition of your existing archives we have the services to ensure rapid and reliable access to your records.

eDocs advantages:

search on-line for any document, file, or box stored with us

request document scanning for instant access (scan-on-demand)

determine any itemís whereabouts

view any itemís movement history including when and by whom it was retrieved

order retrieval and delivery of required items, or request other services

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